A Complete Guide to The Benefits of Using Paratanna and Paesano Extra

A Complete Guide to The Benefits of Using Paratanna and Paesano Extra Virgin Olive Oils for Your Italian Dishes

Almost every dietician and health expert will tell you how beneficial Pratanna olive oil and extra virgin olive oil for your skin and overall health. What makes olive oil such a popular ingredient, especially for Italian delicacies is that unlike the typical “oil” that comes to your mind, this variant is not greasy or sticky at all. The fat count is surprisingly low and the disadvantages of oil are almost absent. It is no secret that fried, oily food is super tasty and mouthwatering compared to healthier cooking alternatives like boiled food dishes. And Paesano extra virgin olive oil and similar products allow you to enjoy the deliciousness that a little oil can add to your items while at the same time reducing health concerns to a minimum. If you are wondering why you should shift to olive oil from your conventional sunflower and soybean oil. 

Boost Of Healthy Fats and Reduced Cholesterol Scare: Though the common notion is that fats are bad for your health, that's absolutely not true. You need fat in your body for energy and for absorbing essential vitamins and minerals. There are good fats like unsaturated, monosaturated, and polyunsaturated fats that are infinitely better than saturated fats present in your usual cooking oil. Partanna Olive oil on the other hand has a high count of monosaturated fats or MUFAS that can lower the risks of heart disease by a huge margin. Similarly, bad cholesterols like LDL are replaced by good cholesterol like HDL that carries the cholesterol to your liver, thereby minimizing the chances of major heart disease and even cardiac arrests. So extra virgin olive oil replenishes your body with good fats and healthy cholesterol that is actually needed for your bodily systems to function properly. 

Lower Blood Sugar Level and A Healthier Life: Increased blood sugar levels can be life-threatening. Compared to the other ingredients that are used for the same purpose as olive oil during cooking like butter, the blood sugar levels of those who consume Partanna olive oil have been found to be much lower as shown by recent studies. How your body reacts or responds to meals and dishes with a high sugar content also changes for the better when the items are prepared with virgin or extra virgin olive oil. And the lower the blood sugar, the better it is from a health point of view. You can live risk-free and steer clear of major health issues with a small change in your habits.

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Anti-oxidants and Weight management: Unlike the common belief that olive oil only contains good fat and cholesterol, there is also a high quantity of antioxidants present in the Partanna and Pasesano extra virgin olive oils that gives them an edge over the other products in the market. And though the actual health benefits of anti-oxidants for your circulatory system are yet to be established, some studies show that anti-oxidants also have some anti-aging factors that make virgin olive oil perfect for health freaks and older people who need to take special care of their health.

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