"The Italian way of fooding is so successful both in Italy and abroad because it is not a simple diet but a real lifestyle. It is healthy and tasty and makes you feel good about yourself. Let's not forget that it can count on products that, from South Tyrol to Sicily, the whole world envies us. Flavors and well-being bring out the typical conviviality of the Italian table, which is then reflected on the guests. As for the latest trends, the most popular dishes are based on vegetables and fresh cheeses, typical products of the Belpaese and loved by all ”.

what exactly do you appreciate about the Italian food style? First of all, conviviality (81%) followed by the values ​​of the Mediterranean diet (74%) and health benefits (69%). It therefore seems that the Bel Paese has managed to combine taste, healthy cuisine and a way of eating in joy (note the tables of the occasions and festive days all over Italy). Things that are not obvious in many other countries where there is often a shortage in one or the other.

Here are 10 reasons to explain the secret of much international appreciation and passion for our food style:

MADE IN ITALY: because the quality of Italian products is a ’’ value ’recognized worldwide

QUALITY: because the products of excellence made in Italy are part of quality systems to guarantee total food safety

TRADITION: to understand and pass on the history, the territories, the values ​​behind every good Italian product

INNOVATION: which characterizes the "way of doing" of Italian companies appreciated internationally

CONVIVIALITY: because the joy of being together at the table is a typical Italian style value

TASTING: in order not to reduce the meal to the consumption of food only but to savor the best flavors and aromas

STYLE AND ELEGANCE: elements that can never be missing in a typical Italian table

CREATIVITY: because cooking well Italian is knowing how to amaze not only with taste but also with sight

WELLNESS: because scientific studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is healthy for people and the environment

SINGLE HERITAGE: to be protected and spread all over the world.
Even if we are used to our food style and sometimes we forget how special it is, we try to give it value every day by taking the right time to eat, chewing slowly, choosing the best foods for the whole family and above all enjoying everything in good company !

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