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We often hear that Italian people can talk about food while eating. Yes, because the amazing characteristic of Italian people is the innate and insane ability to “use” food as a tool for communication and a vehicle of sharing. PURO is to transform food into a metaphor for social relations, a kind of glue to involve consumers in our passion.
How many times do we say “Come over, we cook a pasta”. Without realizing it, we create a relation between free time and food. PURO wants to go beyond the technical dimension of eating as the satisfaction of a mere need, to involve the emotional preference of consumers.
PURO wants to share all over the world the sixth sense of Italians, a concept that today has no name but certainly has a definition: the innate ability to combine simple raw materials to create unique recipes.
Anyone today can find in the world some basil, oil, dried fruit and cheese but only the Italians have been able to create the PESTO da questi ingredienti.
Anyone today can find in the world some water, salt and durum wheat flour but only the Italians have been able to create the PASTA in infinite formats and combine it with the most delicious condiments invented over time.
PURO wants to preserve the Italian tradition, weaving together with the modern food needs: recipes without preservatives, low salt content and no added sugar.
The range also extends to Vegan recipes, created with the desire to represent the actual society, its lifestyles and the tastes of modern consumers.

PURO is a creation of Nord Salse, a company with a consolidated experience in the world of pesto, condiments for first courses and included in the food world since 1988.

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