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Casale Paradiso Blue Persian Salt Grinder - 110 gr

Casale Paradiso Blue Persian Salt Grinder - 110 gr

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One of the rarest and most precious of salts, Persian Blue is produced from a single seam running through an ancient salt lake bed in Iran. Its color is due to an optical illusion, due to the movement of tectonic plates which results in the salt taking on the color of sylvan, another mineral. In flavor, it has a strong initial saltiness to a subtle lingering aftertaste. Its lovely appearance makes it excellent for a ‘bespoke’ dining table, but bear in mind the color will fade the more finely it is grated. One excellent way to use Persian Blue is to use it to coat the glass rim when making a Margarita. Persian Blue is the perfect solution whenever a truly luxury salt is needed!

Casale Paradiso was born in 1984, its passion is very more ancient. The Abruzzo land is its inspiring muse. Abruzzo is a small region between sea and mountains, it contains a synthesis of the perfumes, colours and Italian tastes. Nicola Mammarella is the partner founder and actual Administrator of Society. Behind his experienced and impassioned guide, Casale Paradiso in few years has succeeded in conquering an important place in the European gastronomic panorama.

The basic presupposition of the work of Casale Paradiso is that the nature gives us everything that we need. It is not necessary to add nothing. To be able to cook tasty and healthy dishes it is enough to take what the nature offers us trying to ruin it the less possible. With first quality raw materials it is easy to have first quality products. Chemistry is not necessary, it is enough the nature.

Customer Reviews

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Timothy Mueller

The salt is great. It just tastes a bit better than regular salt.

Better than I’d hoped

I ordered one.
It came quickly and I tried it immediately. Absolutely outstanding.
So, within 10 minutes, I returned and ordered 5 more.
There are so many differences in salt (olive oil too).
I can’t recommend this produce more highly and I look forward to buying more from them.
I do wish they had larger quantities. I’ll be back.

Nelly Lazaretnik

Great product and great service!


It is great

David F
Great product

Persian Blue Salt is truly a unique and tasty salt that I’m glad I found through this site. This product is top notch at a reasonable price



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